What is Vaping

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What Is Vaping?

Vaping is one of the most popularly growing modes of smoking, especially among youth that are in middle school and high school.

Vaping simply means the use of an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette for smoking and producing clouds of vapor. The vaping device is powered by rechargeable batteries and has a flavored liquid (also known as e-juice), which turns into a vapor when you inhale the smoke.

Ever since the vaporizers have come on the market the question on everyone’s mind is, how is vaping better than smoking cigarettes? In this article we break down how vapes work and put this new technology to the test against traditional cigarette smoking.

Well before it’s entry on the market, and before the European colonization of America, indigenous people used tobacco and smoking in religious ceremonies and trade. Cigarettes are now everywhere, but it wasn’t always so; big brands first came to life in North Carolina in 1865. It was at the edge of the American Civil War that the hand-rolled cigarettes were sold. First, mainly to soldiers until the 1880s when the rolling process was mechanized and grew in popularity.

What people at the time did not know is how bad cigarettes really are. Thinking you’re just inhaling tobacco smoke? Think again, when there’s smoke, there’s fire and burning oxygen creates chemicals that mix within the smoke not to mention the added toxins we all know are poured into modern cigarettes. This is when vaporizers come in.
Vaporizers take the smoke out of the equation

Believe it or not, vapes were first thought of in 1927 by Joseph Robinson but it is Herbert Gilbert that made it popular years later in the 60’s disappearing quickly only to be reintroduced in 2004 by a pharmacist (Hon Lik) who intended for vaporizers to be a replacement solution to the harmful effects of smoking.

Vaporizers work by bringing the botanicals, concentrates or liquid to their boiling temperature without burning them but rather vaporizing them. This means that you can avoid all the chemicals created by the oxygen and carbons’ combustion but it doesn’t mean any vaporizer or e-liquid is safe. At The Vape Shop Canada we carefully vet our e-liquids and vapes to ensure you can partake in the hobby safely. And with an incredible sensory experience along with a large variety of e-liquid flavors and vaporizers types vaping has, understandably, considerably evolved in the past years.

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Difference Between Vaping & Smoking Cigarettes

Typically, a cigarette works by burning small tobacco leaves filled inside its pouch. As a result of this, it not only delivers nicotine to your lungs but also 4000+ other toxic chemicals like tar that can cause some serious health issues.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes or vaping doesn’t contain any tobacco leaves or burning of any chemicals. Instead, it has a flavored liquid bottle attached which may or may not contain nicotine. The vaping device has a small heating element inside it which turns the liquid into vapor and that is then inhaled through a mouthpiece attached on the top of the device.

Inside the vapor, there is a small atomizer as well which has a coil. When the device is turned on, this coil heats up to help vaporize the liquid and produce the vapors.

There are more small parts as well that have their own functions. Like the atomizer comes with a storage tank for liquid and a wick which helps to carry liquid from the tank to the coil to vaporize it. Finally, the air intake system allows a smooth flow of air in the atomizer which is then derived to the mouthpiece.

Flavored Liquids

While most of the vaping devices available on the market nowadays come with detachable liquid bottles and uses also prefer that, there are a few models that come as a single-piece unit.

Moreover, some vapors also come with removable atomizer and batteries.

A big advantage of having a vaping device with removable batteries is that you don’t have to plug the whole device when recharging. Instead, remove the batteries, insert them in an external charger and charge them.

There are some misconceptions as well about the liquid used in vapors. Some people believe it is oil or contains tobacco. A few believe that the liquid comes from China and is contaminated.

The fact is, this flavored liquid contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which are FDA approved medicines.

However, whether or not the liquid contains nicotine depends on your personal choice. Ideally, you should prefer the one which doesn’t contain nicotine as it can be harmful to your lungs well being.

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