Yocan – Evolve-D

• Pancake Dual Coil

• Long-Lasting 650mAh Battery

• Discreet Design

• 10-Second Automatic Power Shut-Off

Constructed with a unique pen-style design and spacious heating chamber, the Yocan Evolve-D is easy-to-use and pocket-sized for discreet sessions on-the-go. The Evolve-D features dual pancake coils for maximum vaping and rich vapor. The atomizer and long-lasting battery ensures the delivery of huge, clean hits all day long. The Evolve-D has been engineered with a functional mouthpiece. Push the mouthpiece down to press the dry herb against the coil so to evenly heat the packed material. Once the chamber is empty, simply press the mouthpiece down again, as this time it will clean ash from the unit.

Accessories A: YOCAN-EVOLVE-D-COIL: Pancake Dual Coil

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