How to Vape Weed

How To Vape Weed?

Wouldn’t it be great to vape weed in a manner which is healthier than traditional smoking methods? Read till the end because today we will be talking about how to vape weed the right way.

Cannabis or weed vaporization is actually a healthier alternative to smoking flower because the vapor you inhale doesn’t contain any tar or other carcinogens which might be harmful to your health.

Above all, vaping weed doesn’t create any strong aroma and the portable device lets you use it anywhere and fit back inside your pocket.

So, let us see how to vape weed…

Vape Weed/Cannabis

Vaping weed is pretty easy and healthy. Just like regular vaping, you need a vaping device which will help to heat up the plant material into vapor which then rises through the air channel and finally inhaled via a mouthpiece.

One of the simplest ways to vape weed is using a vape pen or an e-cigarette. All it requires is battery power to heat up weed.

Using your vape pen is pretty much like any other -e-cigarette. However, some newer models may have a slight variation in the way they function so you should consider reading instructions first.

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Creating The Vape Juice

Every e-cigarette of vape pen has a detachable lid which contains the vape juice. To make your vape weed juice you will need cannabis extracts like hash or BHO.

All you need to do is turn on the vapor and put the cannabis extracts in it. Ideally, you should cut down a small piece of the extract and insert it in the chamber. If it doesn’t fit, you can break it into a smaller shape so it easily goes into the chamber.

Allow the extract to meltdown for a while before your weed-infused vape juice is ready to be puffed.

How High Will You Get?

This is a very obvious question people ask who are vaping weed for the first time. How high will you get depends on the type of weed extract you use. The stronger the extract the more intense will be its effect.

Overall, when you vape weed, you can expect cannabis strains which makes you feel lightheaded. Some people also feel a slight pressure in eyes and may even feel dizzy.

If you are stressed or tensed, vaping weed can help release the stress and tension and make you feel soft and comfy.

How Long The Effects Last?

Your tolerance and the type of weed extract will tell the duration. If this is your first-time vaping weed, you will be high for as long as 1-4 hours.

People who use very strong weed extracts stay high for up to 12 hours but those who have developed tolerance may experience the effect for 6-8 hours or even less.

Other Ways To Vape Weed

Another very common method of vaping weed is using big stationary vapors. These vapors actually require a power supply to operate and must be placed on the floor or on a desktop.

There is a large chamber where the weed extract is put to heat up and melt.

Once ready, you can inhale the weed through a long hose attached to the weed vaporizer.

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